Friday 15 November 2013

2013 one of the Warmest on record

This year is likely to be among the top 10 warmest on record, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

It continues a pattern of high temperatures blamed directly on man-made climate change.

All of the warmest years have been since 1998, and this year once again continues the underlying, long-term trend. The coldest years now are warmer than the hottest years before 1998.

Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases reached new highs in 2012, and are expected them to reach unprecedented levels by the end of 2013.

Thursday 14 November 2013

CO2 Emissions are turning the Oceans too Acid for many forms of life

The world's oceans are becoming acidic at an unprecedented rate and may be souring more rapidly than at any time in the past 300 million years.

Increasing acidification caused by human activities is adding 24 million tonnes of CO2 to the Oceans every day.Up to 30% of the Oceans species are unlikely to survive to 2100 if the acidification carries on at its present rate.The economic impact of the losses from aquaculture could be huge - the global cost of the decline in molluscs could be $130bn by 2100.

It's yet another environmental disaster in the making, which can be swept under the carpet by Politicians and Governments as there is no immediate and spectacular change that can be easily seen.