Tuesday 17 February 2015

Steamy sex in nature, and more

Male sticklebacks are turned on by steamy sex scenes. A team from the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland, showed male three-spined sticklebacks two films featuring computer-animated fish showing flity and brood caring behaviour. One showed flirty behaviour and the other brood-caring. After a few minutes a female was introduced to the male’s tank to spawn. In each case the male ejaculated more sperm over the eggs if it had seen the 'sexy' film.

The male Shaw’s Jird, a small North African desert rodent, can mate an impressive 224 times in just two hours. He possibly deserves the title of nature's most highly sexed animal and definitely puts us men in our place.  (And I thought Lions were good - mating three times an hour for four days).

Several mammals are known to practice oral sex, with short-nosed fruit bats even shown to benefit from increased durations of fellatio. The female licks the male's penis during sex and this surprisingly increases the duration of the copulation.

Chimps are also known to use leaves in an 'enticing' manner to attract females, and some male birds impersonate females to sneak up on real females.

It all goes on out there.....

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